Crescendo, March 1918

17-string Tonaharp guitar
7-string "improved" Tonaharp guitar

String Diagram

String Diagram


issued to Edwin D. Wilber and
Nathaniel R. Boswell in January 1916.


issued to Edwin D. Wilber in March 1918.

Page 1 of E.D. Wilber's instruction booklet.

Instruction booklet (pdf format, 17MB)
  for 7-string Tonaharp.

of Tonaharp guitar into Hawaiian guitar.

The Genesee Trio, circa 1900,
(Left to Right) Nathaniel R. Boswell, Edwin D. Wilber, W.C. Whittlesey

                       Ad from a Detroit newspaper dated October 4, 1917

                  Ad from an unidentified newspaper

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Mark Wilber
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Edwin Wilber and Nathaniel Boswell were also members of the Moneta Five,
a vaudeville singing and instrumental group from 1908 - 1914.